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Happy Birthday!! You turn 8 today and that just blow my mind!!

Life has been crazy and I am sure that you can agree with that.  We have walked with you through the highs and lows of your life.  You have experienced more in your short 8 years than I did in my first 15!!

You have brought many tears to my eyes.  Through your good heart which makes me so proud of you, to the times which you have felt pain, to the times when you have made me so angry with you.

Almost everyday I see you mature more and more.  You have grown so much in the past year and I hope that continues.

It has been great to see how much you love life.  I love going to scouting events with you, I love how you are interested in music and sports (my two loves) and I love how you are becoming more and more independent.

I hope that some of these thoughts will serve you well this next year and beyond.

1.  Be Positive.  Even when it starts to eat at your gut.  No good comes out of negativity.  You are bright, kind and you do have a sweet side to your personality.  If you stick with that and if you have a good attitude with things so many doors will open for you.

IMG_00432.  Be Flexible.  I know this is hard for you.  It is hard for me too.  However it will serve you well in your life.  We are working on this and if you need my help just let me know.  People are going to make plans with you and then change them.  You are not always going to do what you expect to do — sometimes when you let things go and let God take over great things are going to happen.

3.  Find your passion.  Like your father you are good at many things and a master of a few.  Find your passion and stick with it.  I don’t care if you try a million things and choose not to do them.  The important things will rise to the top and you will be the cream of the crop.  I see so much talent in you I want you to succeed.  There is nothing better than being praised for doing what you love.  Trust me on that one.

lojo cub scouts4.  When you find yourself in trouble, be prepared and tell the truth.  I hate to admit it but you will get in trouble.  I only pray that it is not that bad.  But if you find yourself in trouble it does not matter what you did — tell the truth.  Nothing is worse than doing something wrong and then lying about it.  It might seem bad but in the end it is the best thing.

5.  I know you hate it when I talk about girls but there is one word more than any other that you need to remember when it comes to girls.  RESPECT.  I never want to hear that you did not respect anyone, especially a girl.  You are going to notice girls more and we are going to talk about that — like it or not.  But come to me if/when you have questions.

6.  Just say no.  It breaks my heart to know that you are going to experience peer pressure.  I have already seen what other kids at  school have taught you.  I want to be there to tell them to leave you alone.  To try and fix whatever problem they have, to protect you.  All I can do is teach you to do the right thing and to pray for you.  But whenever someone comes to you and tells you to do something, if you feel like you should not do it, THEN DON’T!!  I can’t tell you that enough.

IMG_03907.  Stay in School.  Of course you are going to stay in school….at least until you are 18.  You don’t have a choice about that.  But when you are in school, listen and learn.  Sometimes things are going to seem boring.  Sometimes they are going to teach you things you already know.  Sometimes things are going to seem so hard that you will not want to do it anymore.  Remember that I have confidence in you and that I know that if you put your mind too it you can accomplish anything.

8.  Have Fun.  Too many times in your life you are going to need to be serious.  Right now you need to be a kid and you need to have fun and enjoy life. Have fun, if that means that you need to be silly and giggle or if you need to take a risk to do something you have never done before — do it!! As long as you are safe and not breaking the law.  It will be okay with me.

I hope and pray that you enjoy your day today.  I am looking forward to this year.  You are going to experience so many things and I am excited for you.

Remember how much I love you!!!