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When you attend a church service in most any denomination you will hear the word Amen.  This word is used many time within the context of worship; it is used after a prayer, in music, or you might even hear it while a preacher is gettin’ his or her preach on!  (We call that the Amen corner)

Basically Amen mean “let it be so” or “I agree with you” or “Preach it Sister!”

Now I have not figured out a sure fire way to know how someone is going to pronounce Amen.  But I know there are two primary pronunciations, ah-men or ay-men.  I am sure everyone has their own way of saying it.  I think the ah-men is more of a formal way to say it while ay-men you will hear in the Amen corner.

The word Amen is very Biblical  it is found throughout the Old Testament as well as the New Testament.  In fact the final word in the entire Bible Revelation 22:21 is Amen.

The thing that I associate Amen with the most is prayer.  I can’t begin to count the number of times I say Amen throughout the day.  Lately I have found myself driving without the radio on, or music coming through my iPhone because I am praying.  Sometimes it is formal when I am saying “Help me God!!” other times I am thinking through a particular problem or issue, but most of the time when I park my car and get out I say “amen.”  In other words, “thank you God for bringing me safe to this place, thank you for listening to me and please continue to be with me, in my thoughts, in my heart, in my conversations and in my life. Amen”

If I was to name a church, maybe I would call it Amen.  I would want to form the church community with people who share the extraordinary things God is doing in their life with one another each and every week.  As much as I love the liturgy, especially in the Lutheran Church, what I love more is to share Amen moments, God moments with one another. Where did you see God this week?  How did you experience the love and Grace of God?  Both wonderful questions!!  To base a community at intentionally seeking God in their life would be fantastic.

Also prayer, praise and thanksgiving are wonderful ways to communicate with God, to open your heart, mind and soul to God and when you are done, to say one simple word to wrap up it all…..Amen

How do you use the word Amen?  In what context do you feel most comfortable saying it?