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I love Angry Birds.  This past summer I took my iphone to the Apple Store because of a faulty volume switch.  Even though I was eleven days out of warranty they gave me a new phone, which was great!  However, all of the work I have done on my games the previous year were gone, including getting three stars on every level in Angry Birds.  I spent hours upon hours flinging different color birds at wood, ice, stone, and green pigs to reach the ultimate .

Trying to regain my Angry Birds Crown I have played Angry Birds starting from level one.   I have learned important faith lessons.  Here are three important faith lessons on how Angry Birds has helped me become a better follower of Jesus.

1.  The Levels are always the same

Like the books of the Bible the levels on Angry Birds are always the same.  However, every time I play a level I learn something news about it — just like when I read the Bible.  I can read 1 Timothy 4: 12  “Let no one despise your youth, but set the believers an example in speech and conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.”  and I can interpret that passage many ways, it all depends on where I am at in my life, what I am thinking about, what I am reading and what my view on the world is currently.  On Angry Birds, I see different levels a different way every time I play.  There is a different angle I can use with my yellow bird – or I can use the black bird another way.  But John 3: 16 is always going to be John 3:16 no matter how I look at it and Angry Birds 3-16 is always going to be

2. I need to seek help when I get stuck

I have gotten stuck many times playing Angry Birds.  Sometimes I feel lucky to get even one star on a level!!  When I get stuck I have tried to look up hints online or through another app.

Sometimes I call a fellow Angry Bird fan and get some advice from them.  I do what it takes to understand what I am doing when playing Angry Birds.  Just like reading the Bible there are certain passages that give me problem.  For the life of me I cannot figure out what God is trying to say to me in certain scripture.  When this happens I try to seek help online by trusted websites, or in Bible commentary or I call another pastor friend to help me with some passages.  We are not meant to read scripture or play Angry Birds alone.

3.  Practice makes perfect

A simple concept said to thousands of people all around the world.  The more we do something the better we get at it.  No one can expect to play Angry Birds for the first time and get three stars. Just like no one can expect to read the Bible for the first time and completely understand it all.  We need discipline in our lives to continually play both in fun iOS apps and in inspirational books.  There are many versions of both that can help entertain us, comfort us and give us an overall sense of community and understanding.

Living a life of faith is never easy.  There are ups and downs, and