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[youtube id=”DvtxOzO6OAE”]

This video reminds me that I can do anything that I put my mind too.
 I have lots of dreams in my life and I will not let anyone
 (Including MYSELF) tell me that I can't do something that I want
or feel called to do.  This video clip is a great reminder to
me that message as I stat off a new year.  

I tend to read a lot of blogs, some inspire me, some make me think, while others make me laugh or teach me something (for a listing of my favorites click here). One of the blogs that I read alot is by social media expert Chris Brogan. Chris has posted that he does not believe New Year’s resolutions help him very much, instead he is fond of choosing three words to provide a focus for the new year.

I really like the idea!! I have posted my thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions, and instead of picking one word, this year I am going to pick three that I am going to use to propel me into 2011 and beyond. Here is a list of my three words:

Acceleration: This is an important one for me, I want 2011 to be about acceleration. To me this means moving constantly. I want to move, move, move all the time. I want to get things done in a timely fashion. I don’t want to sit around, I want to be up and out in the world moving. For me this also means exercise and accelerate healthy habits that will lead to a new me.

Mindfulness: This one is about being in the moment, and not constantly rehashing what has happened, or thinking about the future. To mean times we are either thinking about the past or dreaming about the future. Have you ever gone on “that trip” where you were so worried about packing and making sure you have everything and then when you start out on the trip you want to make sure you don’t hit the rush hour traffic or you want to make sure you don’t miss your flight?  Well life seems to be like that sometimes.  We are worried about getting 1000 things done that we have lost the beauty that surrounds us.  The more mindful we are about the current times the more that we will enjoy life.  I am told all the time that before I know it my children will be grown up and I will miss this time that I have with them right now.  I don’t want to miss it I want to cherish the memories that I have with them.  I need to stop and  be present.

Learning: I have been out of seminary for almost three years now (can it be that long?).  I will be the first to admit I am not one of those people who wishes they could stay in school forever.  But I do love to learn, and I want to continue to grow as a pastor as well as an individual.  I want to be a good example to my kids as they begin their schooling.  This will also be my last year in Baby Pastor School, so I will have more of an opportunity to get out there and attend a new conference or pick up a new skill as it relates to my job and to my life.  Perhaps I might go to a community college course or start taking piano lessons again.   All I know right now is that one of my goals this year is to get back into academic thinking and learning.

So there you have my three words for 2011.  Please share with me your three words, this year.  How will you guide your actions?