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For the past few years I have adopted three words to help lead and guide me throughout the year.  This has been a practice of Chris Brogan since 2006 and I adapted it for myself.  I have had some success with this type of focus.  I think it did help me in creating an internal drive to accomplish what I need to accomplish.  However it was also overwhelming.

Here are the words that I used in the past

2011 –  Acceleration, Mindfulness, and Learning

2012 – Simplify, Share and Balance

2013-  Transform, Practice, and Completion

2014 – Create, Compete, Complete

This year I am changing things up a little bit.  First, I am setting some intentional goals for the year.  But I am having an overall theme and I am going to use one word for that theme.  My friend and fellow Calumet alumni Todd Michael Gothberg recommended a book called One Word That Will Change Your Life.  Upon a closer look at the book I began to think about the advantages of one word vs a three word model.  I believe for my personality, someone who really looks at the bigger picture and someone who loves to jump from project to project to concentrate on one word would be beneficial for my needs.

When I am plowing through a project that I maybe challenging, the repetition of the one word going through my mind will be helpful and inspirational.

After contemplating this practice it wasn’t until my youth leader challenged our youth to come up with a word for 2015.  First we wrote down events that happened in 2014, personally as well as in the community and the world.  Then we lifted those up to God and proceeded to have a time of prayer, and communion.  Then we thought about our words for 2015 and the one word that came to my mind is Transformation.


As I plan my goals for 2015 I think about all the things in my life that I want to do, there are not many things that I want to add- but I do want to transform.  There are many areas of my life that I want to completely change.

I want to transform my health

I want to transform my finances

I want to transform my preaching

I want to transform my church

I want to transform my family

All of these things are within reach, and I believe that 2015 is going to be the year for transformation.

I believe you can adapt this process too!

First I would encourage you to come up with one word.  Don’t create a phrase, but think of something that can impact every area of life—physical, relational, mental, spiritual, emotional, vocational, and financial.

Secondly, think of a positive word.  I believe we can accomplish so much more if we are positive in our thinking.  If you were to use the word “stop” — it might be something that you need to do.  Say you were arriving late to work everyday.  You might want to say “stop” would indicate “stop going to work late,” or if you are eating too much you might want to say “stop eating too much”.  However, you could turn it around and use the word “start.” Then you can say that you will “start arriving to work on time” and “start eating healthy.”

Finally, you need an action plan.  The best way to be successful in accomplishing your goals is to have a plan.  If you need help in creating an action plan please contact me and I can help you through the process.

I know that I can’t say that I want to transform the way that I preach, and it will magically happen. I  need to have a plan in place to make the transformation.  Utilizing some great resources this does not have to be a hard or overwhelming process.  But it is critical in order to be successful.