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The conference of Bishops in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) met with the Federation of Living Saints (FOLS) who encouraged the Bishops to strategically phase out the Holy Spirit.  FOLS is an organization that meets on a quarterly basis to discuss the climate of the church and the people who are important in the life of the church.  

They claim that the Holy Trinity in it’s current state is completely “unnecessary” in today’s church.  Also because of the hard economic times it is necessary to take a look at all options in order to advance the message of God as inexpensively as possible.

Harry Henderson the president of FOLS said “I don’t like this more than anyone else but they way that Christianity is currently headed we need to do something drastic.”   The Rev. Mark S. Hanson, ELCA presiding bishop, said “no one really understand’s the Trinity anyway.  If we are able to properly phase out the Holy Spirit, then our seminary’s can focus more on God and on Jesus.”  The Rev. Marcus Kunz the Executive for Discernment of Contextual and Theological Issues whole hartly agrees that this is the way that the church needs to move forward.  “Given the unclear nature of the Holy Spirit in our churches, I feel this is a sensible and necessary decision.”

The conference of Bishops have drawn up a three month plan to phase out the Holy Spirit so churches do not have to celebrate the Holy Spirit on Pentacost Sunday which falls on June 12, 2011.  Bishop Bishop Michael F. Keys of the Alaska Synod said,  “The Holy Ghost will be given fewer and fewer responsibilities and documents will be handed out at this year’s Synod Assemblies.  There will be email’s sent out to pastor’s following Easter services on April 24th. Following June 12th the Father and the Son will be known as the Mighty Duo.”

April fools!